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Can someone let Shannon Watts know that New Jersey has all the gun laws Democrats say they want nationally, a Dem Governor and Jersey City has had entirely Democrat mayors since 1917 except in 2001? The NRA doesn’t run NJ, Democrats do and their laws don’t stop mass shootings.


Yesterday, the #Houston police chief (advisor to Bloomberg's gun control lobby) blamed Republicans and the NRA for the on-duty killing of one of his sergeants. Now, Houston Police Officers' Union is demanding he apologize for exploiting the tragedy. https://t.co/KlCnJxRinN

I delivered a speech on the House floor this afternoon about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Virginia and #VA05. "I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and I am proud to stand with the people that are speaking up for their constitutional rights."
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New Zealand’s dumpster fire of a government-mandated “buyback” program has become even more of a hot spot of contention.

The database has been breached making names, addresses, firearm license numbers, and bank account details public. https://t.co/RwhHKhBBvp

#GOTD - Desert Eagle Pistol. It has been many years since we have represented a "deagle" as one of our GOTD selections. Currently, we are displaying a .44 Magnum Desert Eagle on exhibit, but this earlier production .357 Magnum example has also been displayed in the past.

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