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Online Course

Available through   handgunlicense.com.

Now you can take the first 4 hours of your classroom training online and at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home through our partner at handgunlicense.com.

They will give you an animated look at all the DPS required material and provide an alternative to the traditional classroom learning style. You will have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, leave the course and come back where you left off and the ability to come back and review any lesson that you may feel you need additional time with.

This course along with our beneficial training will instill the confidence you need to become a responsible LTC holder.

If you choose to complete this course online, you will then be eligible to take the range and proficiency training portion of the course which can be done by contacting me at (361)772-6273 if you are within our local area. If you are not The online link will direct you to the nearest instructor capable of providing that training.

We encourage you to utilize this online service with handgunlicense.com. They will take care of you all the way though the process.

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